SLIM — The Purpose of Social Media

Sharissa Kuurstra
2 min readMay 1, 2021


How to be or do SLIM on Social Media? In English, this maybe sounds a bit weird. But in Dutch, SLIM actually means SMART! 🤓 Though, when it comes to Social Media, what do we mean by being or doing SLIM?

S — Sharing

The S stands for sharing. Share your experiences, your thoughts, your work, or your products/services. Basically, you can share anything you do (not always appreciated though😜).

By sharing, you can improve your writing, find your tone of voice, you can help, inspire, inform, teach — and many more — and you can immediately receive feedback from your audience. Sharing is the first step to success.

L — Learning

The L is for Learning. There is so much on Social Media to learn from. Learn from other people’s content, their experiences, their mistakes, and their tips and tricks. But also from the feedback you instantly receive on your own work. Social Media is basically one big library with lots of study materials! 📚

I — Interacting

I think interacting, or engaging, is the most important thing you should do on Social Media. It’s a way to build a community, make friends, and get to know your audience. Reply to other people’s posts and slide in their DMs to start a conversation. Anything to get in touch with others.

M — Marketing

Social Media is great to use for Marketing, in many ways. You can set up advertising campaigns, post content organically, and it is the place for user-generated content. It’s often a very affordable, but effective and impactful marketing tool. Definitely explore your options here! 🙏

The Purpose of Social Media — SLIM

Of course, there are many other things you can use Social Media for. SLIM is not the only purpose that Social Media has, but it is a good start.

So, start sharing, start learning, start interacting, and explore your options when it comes to marketing. Social media has such a huge impact in today’s world, so make sure you benefit from it!

GOOD LUCK! If you have any questions or just wanna chat about marketing, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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